Have a question? Get an answer. A new collaboration.

Create. Communicate. Collaborate.

It’s what we do throughout the creation of each issue of Symmetry. The intension is for collaboration to be not only between students, but also faculty at the Mount and PR practitioners in the community. However, connecting these groups – especially students and faculty – to have honest and meaningful conversation is difficult.

How many times have you asked a question or voiced a concern about the PR program to other students? During classes, in the halls and outside of school – questions, concerns and suggestions frequently come up in PR students’ conversations. However, there aren’t always answers, only assumptions.

It’s not that students or faculty are unwilling to discuss questions and concerns. Rather, it’s not easy to know how or who to ask.

Lets change this and try something different. Today Symmetry is launching a Q&A collaboration with the Communications Department.

What is a Q & A Collaboration?

From Friday, November 7 (today) until Monday, November 17, students can submit questions for the Communications Department through Symmetry. After the submission period, the editorial team will review and submit the questions to DeNel Rehberg Sedo, this semester’s chair of the Communications Department.

DeNel and other Communications Department faculty will then respond to the questions in an article for Symmetry.

It could be about the content in the PR program, a general question or anything in-between.  Now is the time to ask and get an answer.

How can you submit a question?

There are three ways you can submit a question for the collaboration. Your name will not be shared with the department, other students or published online.

  1. Use the submission form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Send an email to symmetryeditor@gmail.com.
  3. Give your question in writing to a member of the editorial team.

The Q & A as an online opportunity to engage in conversation: Students with faculty, faculty with students, and students with students. DeNel excited to get started and so are we.

Ask away.

Emma and the Symmetry Team
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