Four PR textbooks worth keeping

Emma Robertson

It’s that time of year again.

No, I’m not referring to fall or the divisive return of pumpkin spice lattes. It’s the time when students hit Kijiji hoping to sell their textbooks or find one at a reasonable price. While I’m in favour of re-selling textbooks, in the Bachelor of Public Relations (PR) program many textbooks are worth keeping. Instead of providing solely definitions and diagrams, some required textbooks are important tools for new and experienced PR practitioners.

These are four PR textbooks worth keeping.

1. The Canadian Press (CP) Stylebook

Course: PBRL 2012, Public Relation Writing: Theory and Practice

The CP Stylebook is the writing bible for journalists and communicators. The standards on everything from capitalization to headlines are set in this book. Always refer to the CP Stylebook while writing and editing. Prevent mistakes like writing “4” instead of “four” by making this your go-to book.

2. Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns

Course: PBRL 3014, Managing Organizational Public Relations

Do you mix up strategies, objectives and tactics? If so, you aren’t alone. For all your strategic communication planning needs, this textbook has detailed step-by-step guides, explanations and easy to reference charts.

3. Building Media Relationships

Course: PBRL 4015, Media Relations

Throughout the PR program, your media relations experience may be limited. Building Media Relationships is a balance between tools and techniques for media relations. When you do begin to build media kits, write media plans or take media calls, with this textbook you’ll be prepared.

4. The Non-Designers Design Book

Course: Comm 3022, Visual Design & Communication

With only one mandatory design course in the PR program, you may need a refresher later on. Each chapter covers one of the four main design principles (proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast) in three parts: the purpose, what to do and what to avoid. Use this textbook as a checklist to critique and improve your design work.

Before you start selling, consider the future value of a textbook versus making quick cash. Keeping these four books on hand during school and your co-op placements will help you become a more skilled PR practitioner.