Country mouse becomes big city mouse: Why moving makes sense

Payton Conrad

Imagine driving down backcountry roads in an old 1993 black Ford F-150 purposely getting stuck in the mud to embrace the rush and excitement of trying to get out. You climb up and down a partially made trail to end up at a beautiful waterfall, and swim in nature’s amazing creations to clean off all of the mud. You end the day by the blazing hot campfire laughing and singing with your closest friends. This was my life in Sussex N.B. and I loved it. Then, I moved to Halifax.

You may be wondering – why move somewhere new when you could stay in the comfort of your hometown? You may never know the answer until you step out of your comfort zone yourself. When you go for a co-op placement, or if you graduating soon, you should expand your horizons while searching for a potential career. Branch out and move away from where you now call home.

Here are five tips I have learned on my journey:

  1. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you

The jitters, the butterflies in your stomach and the last minute second-guessing of your choice to move are normal. It’s okay to be nervous to move to a place you have never lived before, especially if you are doing it on your own. This does not mean you should change your mind and stay in your comfort zone. Emma Lord from tells us that if you are experiencing any of these 13 signs you are already ready for a fresh start. You never know what adventure awaits you until you overcome the nerves and just do it.

  1. Find a place that interests you

Do not pick a place at random. Do your research and find a place that is compatible with your personal interests. I wanted to get the big city feel without going too far from home (a three hour is more than enough for me). I wanted to live somewhere that I could walk places when I desired, which is why I chose Halifax. It will make moving a lot easier if you have activities and pastimes such as going to the gym, taking paint classes or following the local sports teams to keep you busy along with working. Putting yourself out there and getting involved in these activities can be scary but it will be a big help in finding friends that could potentially become your forever friends.

  1. Get excited

It is common to stress over having to move. Packing your things, finding a place to live, unpacking and organizing are all stressful aspects of moving that discourage people from making the move. I’m not going to sugar coat it: these tasks are a burden. What if you do not like where you have moved to and you have to do this all over again to move home? Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and focus on what can go right. Get excited! Negativity will not get you anywhere. You have to keep positive vibes and be open-minded or it will be difficult for you to embrace the new opportunities that come your way. Set yourself up for success.

  1. Call home

Moving does not mean you have to cut off ties from home. It is good for you to know what is going on, and to keep in contact with your family and friends. Luckily there are things like FaceTime and Skype to make your communicating home easy and free. You do not have to lose old friends to make new ones.

  1. Live in the moment

Not everyone gets the opportunity to be apart of a co-op program, or a chance to move after they graduate to make new memories and experience new parts of the world. This could be your only opportunity so live in the moment!

Moving was the best decision I have made for myself. I thought I knew who I was as a person and I thought I had my life already figured out. Moving helped me realize that if my life were art, it would be finger painting – messy, but colourful. Now I have more ambition and self-knowledge to get myself to where I want to be.

Walking along the Halifax waterfront savoring a cinnamon sugar beaver tail, smelling the ocean water, and hearing the waves crash as the boats approach the dock… my senses tell me that I have found my second home.