Get exam-ready this holiday season

Jacqueline Dunston

As classes start to unwind and the pile of assignments that took up all your free time for the last few months have finally been passed in, it is time to start thinking about exam season. Ahhh, the most dreadful time of the year. Especially when all you can do is focus on the fun holiday season activities with friends and family. I get it. I suffer from exam procrastination just as much as the next student – but over the years, I’ve developed some helpful tips to get you prepared for the final stretch of the semester.

  1. It is never too early to start organizing your notes

With classes finishing on December sixth, it is time to put together a planned schedule to budget your time for exams. My best advice is to create a time-table of all your exams and organize your studying schedule based on it. Having a planned schedule will give you enough time to prepare and lighten your stress load. This way, you aren’t suffering from last-minute cramming.

  1. Find a comfortable study space

Personally, I struggle most with this. Finding the perfect study spot can make or break the amount of studying you will get completed. I know that I study better alone, however there are some really great study places around Halifax that might work better for you. Check out this Symmetry article called The five best study spaces in Halifax. You might find something that suits your style.

  1. Organize a study group with some friends

Although I normally prefer to study alone, I like to meet with a group of friends a day before my exams to go over our notes. This way, if I have any questions about something on the exam, I am able to have them answered and maybe learn something new!

  1. Take a few breaks… but not too many breaks

It is extremely important that you take a break from studying. Although you may want to spend hours on end going over notes to fit as much information in your brain as you can, this can be causing the opposite effect. Studies have shown that taking little breaks can help your brain retain long-term knowledge.

Looks like this means you can set aside some time in the day to get into the Christmas spirit without feeling guilty it!

  1. Don’t stress – you got this!

Exams are stressful, but as long as you budget your time, you will do great. Just think – once exams are over, you can finally break out that ugly Christmas sweater you have been dying to put on!

What are your best tips for studying during exam season? Know of any awesome study spots around the city? Share them below!

Good luck and happy holidays!