About Symmetry

Students, faculty, and professionals in the PR community contribute to Symmetry, MSVU’s first entirely-online, student-created, student-run publication.

With Symmetry, students have the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom: writing, digital design, photography, creating a product under a deadline, and critical thinking are all required of those contributing to Symmetry. Furthermore, though the publication’s roots are in the Communications department, students from other disciplines are encouraged to contribute their views and perspectives on communications. We learn more together.

In sculpting this product, students will look outside the classroom for information relevant to their future profession. Students will take timely and pertinent information about communications and public relations and bring it to the attention of their peers.

Symmetry also encourages professionals from the community to contribute articles. The publication is a way for students to interact with possible future employers, or simply to become more informed about “real world” public relations and communications practices.

Symmetry is about reciprocity, it is about establishing bonds, it is about creating two-way symmetrical communication in the public relations community. The academic environment is the best place to begin nurturing this kind of practice. Together we can help one another not only understand what best practice is, but expand upon it.

Create, communicate, collaborate.

Mission Statement

Symmetry exists to help Communications students connect with their academic and professional community. It is an avenue through which students and faculty reflect upon values, practices, and current events occurring in the public relations sphere both locally and globally.