Who Are We?

Meet the Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Raina DeBrouwer

Raina began her public relations degree at Humber College in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the program. Finding Toronto to be too impersonal for her liking, she sought the relaxed and community-centric atmosphere that Halifax has to offer. Upon switching to The Mount in in 2015, Raina found her stride through educational, volunteer and employment opportunities. Passionate about reading, writing and higher education, Raina looks forward to contributing to conversations surrounding public relations and communications. You can email her at: symmetryeditor@gmail.com

Editor: Anastasia Smallwood

Anastasia began her academic career as a science student. After completing her Bachelor of Science from the University of Prince Edward Island a switch was in order and public relations came calling. Often found juggling volunteer tasks, committees, school and work Anastasia lives to keep busy, and manages thanks to the help of coffee. Passionate about mental health and event logistics Anastasia is looking forward to broadening the view of public relations with her articles.

Editor: Emily Faulkner

Emily is a BA graduate from Saint Francis Xavier University and is in her second year of her BPR at the Mount. She is a lover of film and her favourite place is anywhere she can lay out a yoga mat. As an introvert, her favourite aspect of writing is its power to capture multiple perspectives and give people a voice. Emily is proud to be part of the team, she believes Symmetry gives students a unique opportunity to grow their professional voices in a creative way.

Editor: Jacqueline Dunston

Jacqueline transferred to the BPR program at The Mount in 2016. She is an exceptional communicator and listener, with a strong passion for writing. You can almost always find her in one of two places: either at the gym or lying on the beach with a good book in her hand. Jacqueline is delighted to be part of a team where she can contribute to the growth of all public relations and communication professionals.

Editor: Emma Colson

Emma began her public relations degree at The Mount fresh out of high school. Her hometown, Sydney was always lacking the fast-paced environment the extrovert was looking for, so the move was a no-brainer. Aside from being a full-time student, part-time retail worker and coffee enthusiast, Emma’s hobbies include anything to do with dogs (her own or strangers’) or the beach. Emma believes that Symmetry is an excellent outlet for students to find their own voice and get a piece of writing published. She has found her own voice writing about anything lifestyle related, particularly food and drink.