Questions, ideas or concerns? The Communication Department wants to know

Welcome to a new year! Welcome to the new building!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Can you feel how excited I am? This time of year is not only exciting for you as students, but is also one that we faculty look forward to because it reminds us of why we got into this business in the first place. We love our jobs. We were all students once, and we liked it so much that we dedicated our lives to learning and teaching.

In the spirit of “new”, your faculty members would like to create new ways of communicating with you. We’ve got a few ideas in mind, but we need your feedback and of course, we welcome your ideas.

First off, we’re creating a new exchange through Symmetry. Emma and I started this last year, and we’re taking it to a new level this year. You’ll see an idea submission form below. Please consider using it. If you’ve got any ideas, accolades or concerns, we want to hear them. We’ll respond to you individually—if you want—or through Symmetry so that everyone can be kept in the loop.

Next, our new Sessional Instructor, Dr. Wendy Forsyth has volunteered to act as liaison between the Public Relations and Communication student societies. This is a great big coup for us and you because Dr. Forsyth is an expert in leadership and organizational communication. She’s got fantastic ideas and can run committees like nobody’s business. If you’ve got ideas, or if you need to put a smile on your face, stop by to see her in McCain 306C. She can also be reached via phone at 902.457.5969. Her email is:

Finally, but this isn’t new, don’t forget about our Department Facebook page. This is the best way we can get information out to you quickly. We don’t use it for timely or sensitive information sharing, but for things like volunteer opportunities and for activities in town or on campus that you might find fun and useful.

I must end it here as I come close to my word count, but I do want you to know that my welcome wishes are sincere. Let’s continue to feel excited about our new digs, our new terms and our new ideas.

Let’s continue to grow and learn,

doctor d