Cheers to success

Gabe Roy

Five ways beer can lead to a successful career in communications

As a professional in the public relations and communications sector, you will work on unforeseen and tedious tasks, accompanied by tight, agonizing deadlines. You might find yourself assigned with writing something you really have no interest in, and just can’t seem to get the ball rolling. Often, there is little-to-no time for that darn writer’s block. Stress, combined with your likely inherent caffeine addiction, can contribute to putting a damper on the creative ability that is essential to being successful in this career.

Consumed in moderation, and when appropriately timed, an ice-cold beer can be the answer to a lot of your work-related strife. Here are five reasons why occasionally kicking back and cracking a cold one can actually translate into career success.

  1. It makes you more “crafty”

 Having a drink or two can help you “think outside of the box”. Due to the fact that alcohol affects your working memory, you have less pre-existing knowledge to draw from when under its influence. While full access to your memory may be crucial to solving most analytical problems, having it suppressed enhances your ability to think open-mindedly and limit your focus solely to the job at hand.

  1. It really “cheers” you up

Cracking Forbes’ top ten list as one of the most stressful jobs in existence, public relations earned its reputation for leaving its employees with premature grey hairs. The drink that can be used to enhance the creative juice flow in your brain can positively affect your demeanor and relieve the burdens of stress as well. A few sips in, and the unmistakable mood-lifting effects of alcohol make themselves known. While it’s dangerous to rely on alcohol as a stress deterrent, many can safely enjoy the positive uplifting side effect that comes with responsible consumption. It can be appreciated all the more after a long day’s work.

  1. It leads to new “hop”portunities

While writing makes up a large portion public relations work, face-to-face interaction and communication makes up much of the rest. Your networking ability can help determine how successful you are in your career. You never know when you are going to meet someone who can benefit you one way or another. What better place to meet someone than over a drink or two? Studies have shown, that the social lubricating beverage in moderation can enhance positive emotions and likelihood of developing a stronger long-lasting bond.

  1. Watch your wealth “rye”s

Drink more and get rich. No! It’s not a joke. Well, sort of, not. As a result of the relationships gained from social drinking, people who do so regularly make on average 10-14 per cent more than non-drinkers. Drinking can induce confidence, and when paired with natural people skills, can leave potential career-advancing connections with a positive and lasting impression of you (assuming you’re not hammered).

  1. It’s good for what “ales” you

In moderation, alcohol can be a remedy for some physical ailments. From the common cold to preventing heart disease, alcohol, in certain instances can be an effective combatant for an abundance of health issues. This doesn’t mean that the liquor cabinet can replace your doctor, but with particular guidance and application, there are unique health benefits!