Time to say goodbye

I didn’t like being the Editor-in-Chief of Symmetry.

I didn’t improve my writing. I didn’t become a better editor. I didn’t get to work with smart, talented and hardworking students. I didn’t feel supported or encouraged by faculty. I didn’t learn to compromise.

I didn’t learn anything really.

Except maybe–just maybe–I discovered denial is a great coping mechanism.

My past three years have been extra special thanks to Symmetry. Publishing articles and collaborating with students is gratifying. Although editing fellow students’ work can be challenging and sometimes awkward, watching a piece evolve and students become stronger writers is unbelievably rewarding. Sometimes I feel like the success kid meme after articles are posted. It rocks.

I expected to improve my writing through Symmetry. I expected to work hard. I expected to become a better editor. I didn’t expect to learn empathy. I didn’t expect to learn to make and admit mistakes. Hey, I’m not perfect.

But now–I’m told–it’s time for the real world. I’m leaving Symmetry in the capable hands of Karlea Lewis and a new editorial team. I can’t wait to see how our publication will evolve under Karlea’s leadership as Editor-in-Chief.

The Mount needs student-run publications like Symmetry and the new Speakman Press to amplify voices, express opinions, and showcase writing. There should be no limits for students of all backgrounds to express themselves through writing.

To Symmetry’s writers: thank you for putting your work out there. It scary to share your work, but hopefully you found the experience equally as rewarding.

Thank you to the professors who incorporate Symmetry in your writing assignments. Thank you for emboldening students’ passion for writing. DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Alison DeLory and Janice Landry: your constant support and mentorship deserve special thanks.

To the editors I’ve worked with – Drew Casford, Ryan Nearing, Karlea Lewis, Kelly O’Brien, Monique Pellerin and Melissa Nodding – you’re all rock stars. I cannot thank you enough. I’m sending you all virtual high fives.

Working alongside the Mount’s communications department has been a pleasure. I’ve felt encouraged personally and professionally. I’ve felt encouraged to express my opinions and feedback. That is pretty cool. Thank you.

To create, communicate and collaborate, Symmetry needs readers. The publication’s success depends on the support of the public relations and communications community. Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting on student-written content.

If I’ve forgotten anyone (which I probably have), THANK YOU.

I’m sorry for the misleading introduction. Remember, I’m in denial.

Emma Meme

Mission accomplished

Emma Robertson



Eventual Grown-up